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Staircases / Stairwells

Stair cases and stairwells for buildings can be prefabricated in CSA certified factory. Built to perfectly fit your application, delivered where your jobsite is ready for the install.

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Bleacher Bases

A true specialty of Casey Precast Ltd., bleacher bases are used to fasten seating to in arenas, or sometime are used for outdoor seating as is.


We have built bleacher bases for multiple arenas and civic centers.

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Light Standard Base

Although they are called light “standard” bases, there is nothing standard about them. Each lighting system has unique requirements and we can build the base that meets your needs. Custom built to order, we ensure the perfect fit. 

Casey Precast Light Standard Base
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Utility Buildings

Custom built concrete utility building are virtually indestructible. Used for storage of chemicals for municipal water, secure storage in remote location (tower bases) or other purposes.

Casey Precast Utility Buildings

Built to any size, can use a concrete panel for roof for extra security. Manufactured for easy install of steel doors.

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and More...

With essentially a carpentry shop in our factory, we have the ability to create custom forms for concrete in any shape of size. We have produced community garden planters, boat ramps, fish weirs for lakes, and so much more. Contact us today to explore options for your project.  

Casey Precast and More
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